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A Dragon’s Name

Dragons are magnificent majestic creatures, spawned of magic, inspiring love and hatred and awe. For each, a True Name someone must craft, a task not performed by unwary simple folk. The name must meld elegance and dignity mixed with just a touch of twist. It demands to be unique and sport a proper length.

A Smiths are charged to forge with care a designation which if vocalized perchance may set afire the speakers tongue, or worse.  Scholars rarely speak such appellation without exercise of caution, using whispered modulation for method of communication.

Proof may exist that dragons do age and mature. Delay in naming beyond the age of 103 has not proven wise as new adults become increasingly unable resist the genetic drive to lay their mark upon the world.  Lore suggests cravings may develop for a Smiths who did not properly execute their duty to acceptable conclusion.

Perhaps a tiny tasty bit they make rotating slowly on a spit while curing o’er low glowing coals lit by dragon fire,  fed by dragon breath and seething dragon ire.


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