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For now This is not an option. Its all in the get working stage and I really am not sure how its going to go yet.

On this page, I need to collect some information about the image you want.

NOTE: All the things below are just for TESTING. I am just guessing at any number you see. All the costing stuff may just go a way.
Title of the image you want






I need to know which background/color and other options you want, like hair color. There are too many possible variations for me to crate an image for each.

1: There is a basic charge for customization which covesr most things that you may want such as color changes or creation of a landscape version. If there is more work to be done such as adding your own background, there may be additional charge depending upon the amount of time required.

2: Every print is customized to some extent. Select the Customization Option If you want a Landscape print and there is no Landscape version currently available or visa versa. Also select it if you want not currently available color/background changes.

3: There are about 5 "Landscapes" images can only be printed on a Wide Landscape format. Use contact us for this option. I have to add options on this screen for those.