Purchase options form

ScCrow Header Image for Metal Print PagePurchase

Thank You!  You are at least considering purchase options.

This page is needed to collect some information about the image you want.

This  page is currently  just a     TESTING PAGE !

I’m throwing up some things and just putting in numbers to see how its all working.

Right now, I think I may simplify it.  I am having difficulty finding a printer that wants to work with me to lower the costs.   I may change to a model where you make your selections, then tell me which printer you want me to use.   That has a benefit of  cutting out one shipping cost if you live close enough to pick it up yourself.  I have a flat fee, then all the other costs depends on where you want it printed.

I do not like that option, but I may end up there.

So stay tuned….  I guess I need to remove that Buy button until I get a process working

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