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Landscapes are a little different

Most art pages on the site display multiple versions of an image with changes colors or backgrounds.  These landscapes are different in that there is only one version so we don’t require a separate page for each.  Most have a They have a 8.5×11 ratio.  These images  are 4 times wider.

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Sunset Beach


Canavral Marsh

Canavral Marsh


Scarecrow Galaxy

Images Too Dark ?

The images are at times a little dark. Be aware that you are viewing them on a computer screen, cell phone, etc.  The visibility may be affected by your settings, time of day or even your location.  Often, viewing them in a less lighted environment helps. If they are really too dark, then I need to make adjustments to the images. At times I created items that looked good only to come back the next day and wonder what happened to them.  Too dark or too light! I may have been affected by the same conditions.