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You select the options.  Its not just one choice.


Viewing Image Pages

We created a page for each subject with images that illustrate different variations. You may like one that you see just the way that it is. On the other hand, you can change things up  just a little if you like. Some parts of an image may have a fixed color.  Most do not.  Generally there is a Red, Blue, and Green option.  So if you may want a Red glove instead of a Blue one, we can change it.  Often, additional shades, darker or lighter versions are also available. The samples are designed  to show the options available currently and let you to specify what you want.  Let us know if you don’t see a specific color that you want.

There are also many backgrounds available.  Perhaps you saw a background you especially like on another image.  We can work to create a custom combination specifically to your needs.

We do reserve the right to not create some combinations.  Let’s face it!  Some things just do not go together or just create something that is objectionable to the artist.

What makes up the Costs

The Art you see here is not a mass produced item which means we do not get the benefit of reduced costs.  This also means that your new art is not going to be out the door the day its ordered.  Many things can occur which causes the site to go unattended for periods of time (vacation, illness, etc.)

  • Pay the Artist – The artist wants some compensation. Who would have expected that!
  • User Selections – Production starts with a base price for just a print on the medium of your choice.  Extras may be selected which increase the value for collectors and which add to the cost.
  • Customization – Producing your art is a three site process which starts with customization. Each print is customized according to mentioned user selections.  This process takes time and has an associated base customization cost.  This base cost may increase when extra time is required to meet customer requests.
  • Printing – We send our images to a professional printer so you get the best possible end product.
  • Engraving – The last production stop is to send your print to a engraver if that option is selected.
  • Shipping and Processing

What is Customization

Each piece of art is created specifically for you.

  • Image Options
  • Backgrounds and their color
  • Colors of items in the central image
  • Other – The backgrounds are laid down first. The main subject is printed on top of it along with additional items such as fences, trees, or grass.
  • Print Options
  • Medium and Size
  • Formatting options (Orientation, Borders, Surfaces)
  • Display options (framing, hanging, etc. Not Cur Avail)
  • Extra Options
  • Proof of purchase
  • Signing and Numbering
  • Engraving