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I am nothing, a state which one day we all achieve.   Scarecrow



There are many excuses to not be an artist.  An artist simply is!  Talent is not required.  Some are appreciated, acclaimed or wealthy.  Most are not.  Within each resides an urge to create, to make expression which may never be observed.  It is not a want. Rather, it is release.

Now, years after first doodling on my notes at school, I decided to let others see what I have done.  There is no claim of having great talent.  It is simply what I have done.  Hopefully, you find at least one that touches you.

This web page is serves as a method to allow interested people to view the images. I make the art but I do not print it. That is a job best done by a professional printer.

Each piece is created per request.  It is NOT mass produced and therefore takes longer to get your product out the door.