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Below  are a few samples

Unique Art

Scarecrow’s art is NOT mass produced.  Your piece is created only after you determine what options you want.ScCrow Art

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Tiffany- 12 Aug 2018ScCrow Art

Vector Art

The images are originally hand drawn.  They are then imported into an image editor where clean up occurs and color is added.  I am now using a Vector imaging program.  The result is that enlarged images retain their quality.

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Highly Customizable

This  Art makes a GREAT option for Interior Decorators.  Get your art customized specifically for your customers.ScCrow Art

Gallery or dealer!

Check the Extras page to see how we can create an edition specifically tailored to your needs and add that extra value that collectors like.ScCrow Art


An EV (Electric Vehicle)    available in 2023

I placed my name on a list to buy a new Aptera.  Below are some of the reasons. Please take a look at why before making your next vehicle choice.

  • Price      – Base is $25,900 for an EV with a single charge range of 250 miles.
  • Range    – Options for 250, 400, 600 & 1000.  Yes! One Thousand on a single full charge.
  • Solar      – Depending up location, weather, Solar options, and where you park, you can get up to 40 miles per day from the Solar panels. All you need to do is let the sunshine on it.  The average commute in the USA is about 30 miles.  On off days, you just build up more.
  • Charging           – At home in a normal house 110 outlet, you can get 150 miles of charge overnight. More in if you use a 220 socket.  On trips farther than you have charge, you can visit commercial charging stations.
  • Tesla Charger – Aptera is going to use Tesla’s charging connectors. Light weight, easy to use, and the most abundant.  If you need something else, you can use an adapter.
  • Efficiency          – The Aptera is designed using Low Aerodynamic Drag for its 1st Design Principle. It is the MOST efficient car being designed. That means you go farther on the same amount of charge which saves you money. The ENTIRE drag of an Aptera is the same as a Single Side Mirror on a Ford 150 truck. This will be a little higher because the USA currently requires that all vehicles have side mirrors. Aptera will use cameras instead when allowed.
  • Insurance    – Aptera is a 3-Wheel vehicle, but you will be riding in an enclosed structure just as a normal car.  It is considered a Autocycle for insurance which should mean lower prices. Most states do not require wearing a helmet for this reason.  Check your state. Most states should be updating the laws. Aptera will be running the car through all the tests required for 4-wheel designed cars.
  • 3 Engines      – Yes. There is an option to have a motor on all the wheels and off-road package. There are also options for pets and to camping (an attached tent).
  • Fast                  – Is 60mph in 3.5 – 5.5 fast! Buckle up.
  • Right to Repair – Most people don’t know what this is. Aptera is designed so you do NOT need special equipment and tools to work on your car. If something happens, call them and order new parts and they are soon on the way.  They don’t make it hard to do it yourself and make all specifications available.  If you are like me, I’m still going to find someone to do it.  But they will not need a $400 tetra-pointed flexible tool with a scope to do it. Get your favorite local Bob on it.

Composite Materials

  • Bye Bye Rust – Aptera’s body are made of composite materials which don’t rust and are stronger than steel.
  • Safety – The material used in Racing cars. In fact, just last week, they announced that these parts are going to be produced by an Italian company that currently produced the bodies of some big named race cars.
  • Quiet – Composite materials are thicker and block more outside noise.  Also, the motors are on the wheels, not internal to the auto body. You do hear a little whine when getting rolling, but that quickly ends. A large part of the sound you hear in a car is wind noise.  The low coefficient of drag creates less noise.  Another source is created by the tires.  At a minimum, there is one less tire, so less noise.

One little tidbit.  The car is so aerodynamically efficient most bugs do not hit the windshield. Quit killing innocent bugs which you then have to clean off the car!


You can make a reservation of your own for a refundable $100 should you change your mind.

I will appreciate your using MyReferralCode and save $30 off the $100.

There is more.  Visit and see for yourself!

22 DEC 2022

For a while, I have spent almost all my time creating a Windows desktop Computer Game (  ScQWander ).  It is almost Done! We are currently working on making it available the Microsoft Store.

It is NOT a 3d twitchy run and jump game.  I am of the ilk that cannot stand to not solve a puzzle.  If you are, you may like the game.  See the web page for more information, realizing that they are being built.  Warning! You have to think to solve most of the levels.

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ScQWander.Com  is the homepage for a game I mentioned above. Visit this site for more information.