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ScCrow is the place to discover Original Art from Scarecrow

We recommend Printing on Metal as the best option

Below  are a few samples

Unique Art

Scarecrow’s art is NOT mass produced.  Your piece is created only after you determine what options you want.ScCrow Art

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Tiffany- 12 Aug 2018ScCrow Art

Vector Art

The images are originally hand drawn.  They are then imported into an image editor where clean up occurs and color is added.  I am now using a Vector imaging program.  The result is that enlarged images retain their quality.

Click on the link to go directly to the new entry.ScCrow Art

Highly Customizable

This  Art makes a GREAT option for Interior Decorators.  Get your art customized specifically for your customers.ScCrow Art

Gallery or dealer!

Check the Extras page to see how we can create an edition specifically tailored to your needs and add that extra value that collectors like.ScCrow Art

ScCrow.Com is the ONLY  place where Art from Scarecrow can be viewed.  Should you see it anywhere else, it is pirated.  I will let you know if that changes.

 10 Sept 2020

FYI:  OK, the book is close to finished, but I need to find an Editor.  I paid one.  Have not heard from them since she got the check.  In the mean time, I was asked if I sill have a copy of an old Computer Game that I wrote.  I did!  But said, if you wait, I will give you a much better version.  Since that, many months have been spent recoding it in a new language and platform. I am looking ahead concerning marketing and distribution and considering the possibility of making Kickstarter campaign.  Believe it or not, a years work and costs add up.

Today, I am making an attempt at building a Webpage/Blog where interested people can watch as things move along.  I do have this site that I built.  The new one is so totally different, it is proving to be more difficult event though it should be quicker to build (theoretically).  I am not easily converting to WP Gutenberg.

 11 Sept 2020

The site is mostly in stasis. While there needs to be minor updates, the menu options all work! Except BUY! That one is a test page and everything on it is only things I put in for testing purposes. It may stay that way for a while.

Why!  I have been writing a book.  Actually it’s a 3 book series.  I think the 1st book is relatively close to being ready to publish. Wish me luck.  When it is published, I will add a link somewhere.  Or, maybe a new Menu Item.

Should you see something that you like,  you can always send me a message.  Just realize, it is NOT a pull it off the shelf and ship transaction. I need to work with a printer to get things they way you want them.  I am not setup for any monetization, so its will be a checkbook thing for a while. I actually want to find someone to handle sales so I can be off doing other things.

16 July 2021

Actually, I have spent almost all my time since the above note working on writing a Computer Game.  It is almost Done! Now I am working on whatever I have to do to market it.

Currently, I am considering/doing:

1: Kickstarter

2: Making a Pre  Launch website  (currently  that may change

3: Making a Post Launch website  (

4: Making Social Media to support the site (Twitter, FaceBook (maybe, I don’t like it), Discord (installed last night), and I don’t know what else.

It is NOT a 3d twitchy run and jump game.  I am of the ILK that can not stand to not solve a puzzle.  If you are, you may like the game.  See the web page for more information, realizing that they are being built.