Format Option Choices

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The first decision to be made is the image Orientation.  Landscape and Portrait are the two print Orientations.  Let’s expand the format choices a little.

Choose Your Medium

I should mention that prints can be made on traditional paper and Giclee.  We can also print on other such as wood or acrylic.  Those are uncommon, but we can certainly explorer other options if you are interested.


Consider medium on which you print. People generally think of prints as being created on paper and we can do that if you want.  What we really prefer and suggest is that you consider using a Metal Print option.  The color is top notch and extremely durable.  If you want to see why, click on Videos or look for it under the Option menu item.

Orientation Plus

ScCrow art is created in the form of a subject and a background.  Yes, you still have to pick either Landscape or Portrait.  Backgrounds can be changed and in most cases we provide multiple options are offered.  Choice also applies to Color of most components.  Maybe you want no background or a greyscale image.  One option I like is to create a grayscale image with a small amount of color added back.

The great majority of the art is created using Portrait orientation. Dragons are an example where it just seemed to require Landscape instead.  Each piece is Customized to your specifications.

One modern option is Edge to Edge printing

Grey Scale is nice I like to add a little color

The size of the print is your choice

Select a Background it’s color


Traditional prints use a print process which leaves a border around the image which receives no ink. Today, most printers can print edge to edge as well.  One option on metal prints is to allow that border to be the metal. Images can also be printed to look like a more traditional print (looks like paper or just a color).  The image can also be downsized a little allowing a line to be printed around the image that simulates matting.  Personally, we prefer real matting but we can make that application if you want.  If you have more creative ideas, we can work to get it printed for you.

Other Options

If you check printer sites that specialize in Metal printing, you see several options such as irregular shapes.  They may offer a variety of hardware options which allow you to hang your Art right out of the box.  You can  get a little flip out support that lets an item to sit upright on a table.  Framing and matting are available as well.  Our current printer does not have these options and they do not have a webpage.  I do think that we can do these things.  It is just a matter of working out the details.