Extras add Value

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Artists that create prints traditionally make a run of a specific number of prints.  Each print coming off the press receiving a designation such as 1/100.  The lower numbered signed pieces are the most valuable as each successive print is slightly degraded compared to the previous one.  Then after the run, the materials were destroyed.  With computer art, we do not see that degradation.

We want to provide an affordable print as well as prints for collectors which add value for collectors.

Basic Print

The most basic print consists of simply a print and is the most affordable.


First we add information on the back of the print which includes Title, Artist name, purchasers name, and more.  This information is mostly laid using a consistent format but we can tailor it to the buyers needs.  As an example, a gallery may decide to purchase 100 prints for their patrons.  We can add the patron and gallery information to the back.

Proof of Purchase

We have a very unique Proof of Purchase item which has a serial number.  We put this number on the back with the other information.

Application Method

The information can be applied by either printing the information or by engraving.  It is permanent.  We can do both as well.

Artist Signature

The signature of the artist is important.  There two options.  Either the Authors name is used or the pseudonym Scarecrow.  He does not really care which you prefer.  Scarecrow just seems to be the more marketable and memorable option. You may also opt to get them both.  The signatures are applied to the back and the Proof of Purchase.


This is not something that we do.  It is rather a suggestion to buyers.  The name and address of the first buyer may go on the back as stated above.  What happens if you sell it?  I would take my newly acquired art to a printer or engraver and have my information added.  This leaves the history of the piece permanently added to the piece.

Why do you want the proof of purchase? Some will store this in a safe location. Few if any knowledgeable buyers would purchase this art on a secondary market with out it.  Selling this stolen art is far less profitable than expected by the thieves.

It will also prove beneficial if the item becomes damaged in some way.  With the proof of purchase and the damaged piece, you contact us about replacing the item.