Why Print On Metal

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Traditional Prints

Traditional Paper prints use archival paper which will not degrade over time as fast as commonly used papers.  Inks used to print must be of equally high quality.  My first creations did not use either of these.  They are hand drawn with a felt tipped pen on onion paper.  Now, they are rather brown instead of black and the paper is very fragile.  I have to keep them away from UV light.

Traditional prints on paper gives you a product that are rated for 75+ years.  If you want it on paper, then make sure you are getting quality paper and inks.

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ChromaLux Video

Do some research.  We think that you will agree.

Modern Metal Prints

Our printer uses a product called ChromaLuxe which is laid down on the Metal surface.  Once prepared, a standard process is then used for printing, of course using high quality inks.  You get that 75+ years quality.

The resulting image is no less than equal to traditional printing as far as color vibrancy and longevity is concerned.  It is understandable that some still want the traditional option.  We much prefer the Metal Print.  You can select a matt, glossy, other options for the print surface.  One very interesting option allows the medium surface to show through the printing surface, giving a very distinct depth.


Your new Metal Art has the great colors and textures without many of the downsides of a traditional print.  It is fire, water, bend and chemical resistant.  This medium does cost a little more, but it is well worth the extra expense.  Watch the video and see if you agree.

Extreme Durability Tests

Danger Area?

What if you have children, pets, or just art could have things splashed on it?  What if it is in an area where there is high traffic and susceptible to unforeseen damage (like sprinklers).  Wouldn’t you like a product that you can clean and not have to toss out or have restored.