Customized Fine Art Prints on Metal

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This site is the place to discover Original Art from the Scarecrow.

We recommend Print on Metal as the best option.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION : Its a new project.  Bear with me until I figure this all out.

Unique Art

Art purchased from ScCrow is NOT mass produced.  We do not pull a piece off a stack and ship it.  Each piece is created according to your specific customization.  The resulting images is then sent to a professional printer who insures that you receive the best product possible.

Use the Art Menu option to navigate through available images.


Here are a few Sample Images

Vector Art

Resizing images can produces fuzzy jagged edges. To correct this issue, all images are being converted to use vector graphics.  After items are converted,  it is added to the site and a menu item generated.  The list to the left shows the most recently added items.  There are many images that require conversion. Items are being added alphabetically.

Click on the link to go directly to the new entry.

Highly Customizable

This makes a GREAT option for Interior Decorators.  Get your art customized specifically for your customers home.

Gallery or dealer!

Check the Extras page to see how we can create an edition specifically tailored to your needs and add that extra value that collectors like.

APRIL 2017:   This site under construction.

Sept 16 UPDATE:  I started on the D’s, so there are still a lot of images to go. I am considering changing my original thoughts n working with a printer. My current on appears to be too busy. I will post something if/when I figure it all out.


At least for now, ScCrow is the only place where Art from Scarecrow (Me) can be found.  In one sense, I would like to just farm the printing out to an Art dealer.  That would allow me to work on the art instead of all of this.  Oh well. We will see.