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ScCrow is the place to discover Original Art from Scarecrow

We recommend Printing on Metal as the best option

Below  are a few samples

Unique Art

Scarecrow’s art is NOT mass produced.  Your piece is created only after you determine what options you want.ScCrow Art

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Tiffany- 12 Aug 2018ScCrow Art

Vector Art

The images are originally hand drawn.  They are then imported into an image editor where clean up occurs and color is added.  I am now using a Vector imaging program.  The result is that enlarged images retain their quality.

Click on the link to go directly to the new entry.ScCrow Art

Highly Customizable

This  Art makes a GREAT option for Interior Decorators.  Get your art customized specifically for your customers.ScCrow Art

Gallery or dealer!

Check the Extras page to see how we can create an edition specifically tailored to your needs and add that extra value that collectors like.ScCrow Art

This site Still under construction.  But, it is mostly there and done.

6 Nov 2018 Update:  

OK! Mostly done!  The Art pages are reconstructed.  There were about 6000 images and close to 500 pages updated.  You think there may be a few mistakes!  Now, I have to go back thru it all try to find any them.

Then there are the Non-Art pages.  The BUY page is back and you can visit it, but it is still just a test page.  I think I may do it completely differently in order to make it easier.

I also have a great deal of Non-Art things to get done as well.  A novel is screaming at me for some attention.  Perhaps starting to actually try to sell some of this art should be on the to-do list.

ScCrow.Com is the ONLY  place where Art from Scarecrow can be viewed.  Should you see it anywhere else, its pirated.  I will let you know if that changes.